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A sample of various recipe videos I helped produce for clients, along with some personal recipes I shared with my online community of followers, family, and friends. 


ROLE: Director + Producer + Stylist + Videographer + VO + Editor


- Sprung On Food -

Collaborated with host Kae Sprung to produce an episode food series called 'Sprung on Food.'

Each episode features a local food business from NYC with a one-on-one food demo

with the owners in their kitchen.​

- Governor's Ball -

'Sprung On Food' episode features with local food vendors at 

the Governor's Ball Music Festival (2021-2023).

Full video series here.  

- Cooking Show/Recipes -

Worked with Kae Sprung to create an assortment of dessert recipes at Squish Marshmallow's, NYC. 

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